We’ve spent much of our summer at the ball field with Trent and Reid.  They both had an amazing season and we are so proud of them.

This was Reid’s first year playing ball and he enjoyed every minute of it.  He was right smack dab in the middle of his element.  While he is good at so many things, athletics is where he shines… not just shines… it’s where he can be him 100%.  I absolutely loved seeing it.  He gives it his all and his all is pretty darn good. I find him tossing anything and everything to himself and making up pretend baseball games with Cora and even his new pup.  I can’t wait to see more from him on the field.  After his last game, he said, “Mom, I wish I could play baseball every day of my life.”  I sure love his all in spirit.



Reid Jun-Su Matthias, I am so proud of your hustle and drive.  Keep giving it your all.

If my math is right, Trent has been playing for 6 years.  He has no interest in any other sport and while he may not be as all in as his little bro, he enjoys it immensely.  When he’s in the dugout, he’s focused and all business.

This season was one of huge improvements.  He started the season getting hit pretty hard with 2 pitches at practice, and had some fear to overcome when batting after that.  However, he most certainly overcame!  He had some pretty big hits this year and in his last game hit a solid double which resulted in a RBI.  He was one excited kid.  I found myself way too preoccupied with the game, and have zero pics of him playing.

He was blessed with 3 experienced coaches this year who did a crazy amount of encouraging and just enough challenging to help move him along.


It was most certainly his best season yet, and I loved watching him and his team improve so much!