The Liggett Family


I’ve known Sue for a few years through our MOPS group but it wasn’t until a few months after we adopted Reid that I really started to get to know Sue.  She is a friend who I respect and admire greatly, and I always know that when I ask for her input or advice that she will not give it without great thought.

Bruce and Sue are Mom and Dad to 6 and soon to be 7 amazing children.  Molly is 19, Mark is 17, Jamie is 15, John is 14, Julie is 7, and Jesse is 4.

After a very lengthy process, Bruce and Sue finally brought Julie home in November 2010 and they worked on settling in and doing the whole adoption transition thing.  In September 2014, the Liggett family of 6 traveled to China to become the Liggett family of 8 as they welcomed Jamie and Jesse with open arms.


Their transition from 6 to 8 has had many bumps and I’ve watched as Sue and Bruce have taken each twist and turn with grace and strength.

Watching them walk this journey with quiet obedience was a tremendous encouragement to Ryan and I in our journey to Cora, and Sue has been one of my greatest cheer leaders the last 1 1/2 years.
This summer, Molly (19) spent an entire summer interning for Show Hope at Maria’s Big House of Hope in China and Mark (17) spent 2 weeks there.  I watched Sue send her two oldest children across the world knowing there was no way they would return unchanged.  While I know she was excited to see how God used them in the lives of “the least of these”, that excitement was also filled with a bit of trepidation as that changing can often mean big things for everyone dear to them.
However, once again, I watched her obey with quietness and grace. It is because of this continued quiet obedience that I was not surprised one bit when I received a text from Sue when we were in Boston telling me about a sweet little guy who had won Molly’s and Mark’s hearts this summer.  After all, Sue is the one who has told me more than once with a smile on her face, “never say you’re done because your plans are not always His”.  Bruce and Sue sought the Lord’s will as they made the decision to add this smiley boy to their family and they wait with great anticipation to bring him home.  Five year old, Sam was born with a rare birth defect where his bladder and intestines were outside his body.  He also has kidney issues and will require surgery for each of these once he is home.
The Liggett’s hope that Sam Zhuang Russell Liggett will join their family in fall 2017.  Please join me in praying for the Liggett’s as they work towards bringing Sam home.  Pray that the Lord removes any obstacles so that he can join his family sooner than expected. Also, please pray for Sam’s health to remain stable as he waits in China.