Our first full day in Guangzhou began with appointments I mean cattle herding at the Visa Medical Office.  All of the children being processed for adoption visas had to have exams.  So, after the 2 buses unloaded we made our way upstairs for the exams.  It was kind of a free for all.  As soon as we were given our paperwork, we picked one of the 4 stations and waited our turn.  Then, you went to the next station.  It was pretty crazy!  Cora was a trooper for the first 3 stations.


The last station was her TB blood draw.  China is not exactly the best at Family Centered Care and parents were not allowed to go in with their child for the blood draw.  We handed our child to them, they closed the door, and the screaming began.  Thankfully, they were quick but it was pretty awful to not be able to hold them through it like we would have done here.  Cora was not a fan.  After all of the families were finished with their exams, we made our way back to the hotel for some rest and tears.


Later in the evening, our adoption guide took us to the Jade and Pearl market and helped us finish up our souvenir shopping.