This day marked the first day of the last part of our time in China.  We said goodbye to Cora’s province, and made our way to Guangzhou where we would complete the last part of Cora’s adoption paperwork, her U.S. Visa.




I think that this day was MAYBE supposed to be funny, but I’m hardly laughing even almost 5 moths later.

Seriously, air travel in China is NOT easy… AT ALL.  After messed up tickets within our travel group, insane security, a light jog to our gate, we settled in for a 3 hour flight to Guangzhou where we would finish the last leg of our trip.  Cora was ok for the first hour but after that she was DONE.  We were trapped in our row by a sleeping man and Cora had to go potty twice.  Thank the Lord we were traveling with Aunt Mandy and super sweet new friends in our travel group.  Meredith and Aunt Mandy saved the day!  A quick football pass and she was untrapped.

After finally being free from the plane, we gathered our luggage and waited for our guide, Raymond.  He would prove to be quite the character in the coming week.  Lovely rush hour traffic turned our 45 minute bus ride to the hotel into a 2 hour bus ride.  I had a VERY unhappy toddler and really low blood sugar.  We finally got to the hotel only to wait about an hour to check in.  Mandy, Cora, and I got to our room and 2 of us just wanted to crash.  1 of us had another idea.  BATH!!!!  She saw the giant tub, threw herself on the floor to make sure we knew what she wanted, and so a bath is what she got.  About half way through her bath, our luggage was delivered to our room.  As I was scarfing down my snickers bar, Cora left a nice little present in the tub.  I don’t remember if I laughed or cried or maybe both.  We couldn’t get the tub to drain so there we were with a giant tub filled with very gross water.  If I saw that hotel employee today, I would still be mortified.  You would think that this would be our last mess up for the day, but it wasn’t.  At this point, all we wanted was dinner and bed.  We were thrilled to find Papa John’s delivery service and ordered as fast as we could.  1 1/2 hours later, our pizza arrived after a phone call with the nice Chinese man who didn’t understand a word we were saying.

Papa John’s pizza has NEVER and will NEVER taste so good again.