Day 5 was Cora Day!  I already blogged about most of the day here:  Cora Day, but wanted to finish sharing about our big day.

After we returned to the hotel, there was a lot of “getting to know you” that had to be done.  She was AMAZING… so incredibly brave.  I could not have asked for a better first day with her.

First things first… finding our girl.  They believe in lots of layers in China, and we had a good chuckle as we peeled layer after layer back to finally find Cora.



She has loved our phones from day 1


There she is!  What a doll baby!

Cora loved her bath but it was very obvious that bath time had never been for playing.  She knew exactly how to wash herself and was all business.  We didn’t do too much playing the first bath but after the second bath, she learned to enjoy bath time and let Mommy do the washing.


clean baby


Looking at her pretty bow.  Mama and Aunt Mandy didn’t waste any time getting that in.

After some playtime and dinner, we called it a day.  What a big day it was!IMG_2728