The fourth day of our journey brought us to the capital city of Cora’s province, Taiyuan, Shanxi.  Cora’s birth city is Changzhi but the adoptions in Shanxi are all processed in Taiyuan.

All of our in country air travel was a bit of a nightmare… all of it.  Once we arrived in Taiyuan, we were met at the airport by our guide for the week, Maggie, who was absolutely wonderful.  She escorted us to the hotel and then prepared us for all of the happenings of the next day.

Taiyuan’s main industry is coal, and let’s just say that the air is THICK.  While, Taiyuan was not the most beautiful city, it was wonderful to be able to see be as close as we could be to Cora’s birth city.

We did not do much exploring as the pollution was very high and our hotel was not in the easiest to navigate location.