My beautiful, Cora Hope, you have completed our family in ways we never knew we needed.  Your contagious joy and impish smile light up our days, and your sassiness makes us smile (most of us) all day long.  While I’m exhausted at the day’s end, I love when you walk up to me and say “hold you” and I almost never tell you no.  You are my constant companion and a mama’s girl to say the least.  Daddy calls you the “short boss” and you have claimed the title of Master and  Commander of Kimchi Dog.  We love your spunk and boldness, and you surprise us each day with your curious observance of the world around you.  There’s no slipping anything by you.



Your courage, strength, and persistence are inspiring.  Sweet girl, you have taught me so much in the last 4 months, but most of all, you’ve taught me to enjoy the present, and  that not much else matters when I’m looking in your beautiful eyes.  You have overcome seemingly insurrmountable obstacles in your short life, and I am constantly in awe at your determination.




What a big year this will prove to be for you, Cora.  I pray that God brings you out stronger than you started, and that you will be ours for so many more years.  We love you forever and ever, Cora baby, and we are so glad you are ours.  Happy Birthday, baby girl.