I call this one “My Sunshine”.  Some days it may take her a little bit of looking, but she can always find the sun through the clouds and if there are lemons she will find a way to make lemonade.  She is a bright light in our crazy days, and I am so thankful for her sweet, sunny spirit.

MahoneyChina20160322_0139 copy

She is the funniest mixture of trepidation and living life to the fullest.


I can always count on her to make me smile and the days of her making me pull my hair out are becoming less and less.  She loves Jesus with her whole heart, and loves her family and friends almost as much.  There’s no half way with this girl.  She’s all or nothing, and I prefer her all.

She is an amazing, selfless big sister to Cora.  When a friend asked me recently which of my kids was most in love with Cora, I immediately answered “Evie Kait”.  She will drop anything to play with her and can hold her attention the longest.  I love watching her face light up when she sees Cora do something new, and Cora absolutely adores her “Webee”.

These two may not share the bond of hearts but they share the bond of birthdays.  I can’t wait to see their relationship grow in the coming years.  What a sweet one they have already.  Evangeline Kait, you are just as your name proclaims, “a bringer of pure joy”.  I am so glad God blessed us with you 6 years ago.  We love you so much, beautiful girl.