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As I tucked her into bed for her last night as an eight year old,  I found myself wondering how she was already turning 9.  NINE?!  How could my once tiny, frail, and sick baby be turning 9?  But, then I look in her eyes and see someone so much older.  She has lived so much life… every single one of her 3,285 days have shaped her into the beautiful young lady she is becoming.  She is compassionate, discerning, wise, beautiful, courageous, silly, joyful, and loyal.  I love every part of who she is, and can’t wait to see what God has in store for her this year.



What those eyes have seen, her heart has felt, and her mind has thought, I will never be able to comprehend.

This has been one very big year for all of us, but except for Cora, Maggie has maybe seen the most changes. While she has gained a sister with a bond marked with a silver line down their chests, she has had to navigate how to share that position in our family and that has proven a bit more difficult than she could have known.   As always, she has overcome and come out stronger, more beautiful, and more selfless.  She is the leader of this trio and while they don’t quite know it yet, they are the luckiest little sisters on this earth.  God has used her beautiful heart to shape our family and we all love her something fierce.

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Happy 9th Birthday, my beautiful Maggie Jane!

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