The trip to Cora started off a little more eventful that I was hoping for.  The night before, we tucked the kids into bed at my parents’ house and headed home to get a good night’s sleep.  We settled into bed and then got a message from a new friend who shared my itinerary asking if I saw that our flight was canceled… I was able to be rerouted to Seattle adding a couple hours to my already long travel time.

On December 2nd, I woke up, nervous and excited and got ready for my very big day.  As Ryan and I were loading the luggage in the car, I checked my flight status to find that my new flight was delayed causing me to miss my long flight to China. We got the flights rerouted again and after a couple hours delay, I was in the St. Louis airport saying goodbye to Ryan and was on my way.  I was a mixed bag of emotions.  Ready to bring home our girl but not ready to leave Ryan and the kids for 17 days.

11202603_10153671333429376_2589298027279713424_n With the new itinerary St. Louis to Salt Lake City to Seattle to Beijing, my domestic connection times were way shorter than I ever would have wanted, but I was able to run to my gate in Seattle and make it there in time to board.  What’s some international travel without running through airports?


Do you see what’s next to me?  An empty seat!  Yes, I was blessed with an empty row all the way to China.  I settled in for the long, uneventful flight to Cora’s country.

In Beijing, I met up with part of my travel group and our guide.  We got to the hotel, tired and hungry.  After getting settled in my room, I ordered a pizza and did my best to stay awake to see Mandy who was scheduled to arrive around midnight.  I almost made it but you better believe I woke up as soon as I heard her at the door.  I love how God put all of the pieces together so she could join me on this journey.