One month ago, I got on a bus as a mom of 4 and made my way across the city of Taiyuan with three other nervous and anxious families.  I couldn’t believe the day to get our girl had arrived.  Mandy sat next to me, quietly, understanding just how nervous I was.  I didn’t know what surprises were ahead and while fears certainly crept in, I was mostly just excited.  I was ready to see my Cora Hope.


In no time, we were at the civil affairs office and on our way upstairs to meet our children.  It was such a casual process.  I still can’t believe how fast all of it happened.  I had hardly sat down and then the door opened.  She was the first to come in… no waiting, no getting a toy out for her, and no time for getting my phone ready for a video.

DSC_3685 - Version 2

In walked my bubbly not so little bundle.  Honestly, I joke and say that with all of her layers and her red sweat suit, she looked like Baymax.  An incredibly cute Baymax.


She warmed up to me as soon as I gave her a snack and drink.  I learned the way to her heart very quickly.  She was ever so helpful as I signed some papers and showed her sunny personality with her orphanage director.



After a little bit of time in the civil affairs office, we all headed down the street to get their passport photos taken.






After the pictures, it was time to head back to our hotel to settle in.  She took a bath and scarfed down all of the food in our room.  We spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other.  What I learned about her on the first day:

1. she loved baths

2. she was extremely playful and loved knocking over blocks

3. she loved to eat

4. she was super snuggly and a total charmer