As Ryan and I prayed over our decision to add another little one to our family, my mind immediately went to her name.  I have been like this for all of our kids.  I want them named as soon as we know if they are a boy or a girl.  I just do.  It was no different for this little one.  It gives me a connection to my child when I can’t hold them and I can’t love on them.  Each of our kids got their names for various reasons:

Trent Ryan – We knew his middle name would be after his dad and we liked how Trent sounded with it… not much more thought went into it than that.

Maggie Jane – She’s named after my Dad’s grandmother and my Mom.

Evangeline Kait – She’s named after two beautiful heart warriors, Evangeline Shalom and Kaitlyn Grace.

Reid Jun-Su Matthias – Jun-Su was his given name in Korea and Matthias means “gift of God” and we just plain old liked the name Reid.

That brings me to our newest child to name.  I wanted something that had tremendous meaning for this one.  We were drawn to her by our Heavenly Father and we are placing our trust in Him for each step of the process to bring her home and make her ours.  We know that she has significant health needs and we know she has a special heart that needs a lot of mending.  We know that her life has not and will not ever be easy.  It is and will be filled with tremendous trial.

So, we chose the name Cora Hope.  Cora means heart and our Hope is in our Savior. John 16:33 says, “In this life you will have trouble, but TAKE HEART for I have overcome the world.”

We pray that her hope will be placed in Him through all that this world brings.