Mahoney1520150426_019 Almost as soon as we saw her picture, I had this project in my mind.  In my garage were several boards we had taken off of a huge pallet.  I knew I wanted to make a wall hanging for my guest room, but I could not decide what to put on it.  I thought about painting a single word on it or a fun painting of a bicycle.  Then, we started praying about making Cora ours.  I knew exactly what would be going on this wall hanging.  From the first moment I saw her picture, I wanted to be her mama.  She had my heart from the very beginning.  Knowing that it was very possible that my guest room that I had just gotten for the first time would soon be a little girl room once again made me smile.  This wall hanging wouldn’t be for the guest room for very long.  It would be for my Cora Hope.  So, as I painted this wall hanging, I prayed for my girl.  I prayed that she would become ours.  I prayed that she would be strengthened.  I prayed for her heart.  So, as I walk in my guest room I smile and joy fills my heart as I see this hanging on the wall.  I hope that as you see this picture, you will also think of our girl across the world, and pray for her as well.