DSC_1579I wish that I could explain the bond that these two share, but it is indescribable.  The pictures you see of them together are THE. REAL. DEAL.  Maggie and Evie are truly sisters of the heart.  So, when my dearest friend told me that they would be moving to Thailand almost 2 years ago, I was crushed.  I didn’t know when we would get to see them again.  Mandy and I hated the thought of our kids, especially Maggie and her Evie, growing up so far apart.  So, as soon as Ryan gave me the go ahead, Mandy and I started planning.  There was so much talked about as far as when, how long, and what would we do.  Possibly, the most discussed part of our trip was how we would tell our girls.  You don’t just take your girl across the world to see her very best friend who she hasn’t seen in almost 2 years and not make it a big deal.  So, our lips were sealed.  Mandy didn’t tell Evie and we didn’t tell Maggie.  It would be the surprise of a lifetime, and that it certainly was.

Three days before our plane took off for Bangkok, Ryan and I showed Maggie her passport (that she didn’t even know she had) and told her she and I were headed to see Evie in Thailand.  I will never forget that joy filled moment for the rest of my life.



On Tuesday, July 8th, we boarded our plane in St. Louis to begin our long journey to Bangkok.

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5 airports and 32 hours later, we arrived in Bangkok… Maggie’s excitement trumped any exhaustion and jet lag she might have had.  She was an absolute trooper!

bangkok2014 (18)

Once poor Evie got over her shell shock of seeing Maggie somewhere she never dreamt she would see her, we had two very happy girls.  (Read all about Evie’s reaction and Mandy’s version of our trip here)  The next 10 days were filled to the brim with sightseeing trips around Bangkok, fancy tea parties, make overs, swimming, and lots of giggles.  Life long memories were made in the hearts of these two miracles.


Maggie’s first tuk-tuk ride with Evie and Britain to Thursday Market

bangkok2014 (5)

The view from my room

bangkok2014 (6)

A real tea party to celebrate Izzy’s 8th birthday


Chatuchak Market – 34 acres of market!

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Chatuchak Market is not for the faint of heart or stomach.  We walked around in the Thailand heat for a couple of hours.  The crowds and smells eventually got to be too much so we made our way to the nearby park for a snack and rest.

bangkok2014 (91)

8 of us plus the cab driver in a small taxi cab was an every day occurrence. Some days, it took us awhile to find a driver who would take all of us.


???????????????????????????????After Evie’s ballet class, Mandy said we just had to stop in to Mr. Jones’ Orphanage for a special treat.  By the way, the “orphans” are teddy bears, and it is the cutest dessert café I have ever been in.  So, in typical Aunt Mandy style, we fed the girls milk shakes and cake 2 hours before dinner.

bangkok2014 (16)



Wat Pho Palace

bangkok2014 (38)

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? bangkok2014 (76) bangkok2014 (56) ???????????????????????????????   The girls were troopers on our palace day.  We went to 2 different palaces and that meant lots of walking!  The temples were absolutely gorgeous, and it was a definite treat to see this part of Thai culture.

In between our big sightseeing days, we had “quiet” days at the pool.

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On one of our last night’s there, we had the special treat of going to Asiatique.  We enjoyed a late night of Thai cuisine while the sunset over the river, shopping at the craft market, and a ride atop the beautiful ferris wheel.  This was, by far, our favorite outing.


Tuk-Tuk rides on the Bangkok streets called for lots of nose holding.

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This will live on as one of the craziest and most fun things I've ever done.  Yes, count 'em, that's 3 adults and a salad on the bike.

This will live on as one of the craziest and most fun things I’ve ever done. Yes, count ’em, that’s 3 adults and a salad on the bike.

DSC_1593 DSC_1587 DSC_1582 DSC_1579 DSC_1517 DSC_1512 DSC_1506 DSC_1499 DSC_1491

Oh, our dear sweet girls.  It almost makes my heart overflow when I see them together.  It doesn’t matter where they are… as long as they are together, they are as happy as can be.  May their bond only grow deeper as they live out these amazing lives that their Creator has gifted them with.

There are so many blessings that we have been able to see along this life we have been given, but the relationship that these two share is one of the greatest of those blessings.  Sweet, sweet, heart sisters!

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