Maggie had her yearly cardiology check up today.  She seemed so grown up today.  Someone has got to figure out how to slow life down.


What used to be a two hour long scream fest is now 1 1/2 hours of catching up with her doctor, nurses, and the technicians.  She had lots to tell them about her world travels, and I think she enjoyed seeing their surprised faces when she told them where she had been.

Dr. Sharkey said that her heart function looked great, her leakage in her valve had not changed, and that Maggie looked great.  However, some of you may remember that Maggie’s oxygen saturations have never been what we expected them to be after her Fontan Surgery in 2009.  Most post Fontan patients have saturations in the mid to upper 90’s.  Maggie has consistently stayed at 88-90%.  She functions quite well at that level, but definitely still has some blueness in her lips and fingers.  Plus, her endurance certainly is not what it could be and this is often discouraging to her as she is on the playground or in P.E.

So, with all of that said, Dr. Sharkey would like Maggie to have a cardiac catheterization sometime this fall to see if there is something they can do to get her O2 sats up.  She will be talking to the cath doctors at Cardinal Glennon to see if they are in agreement with this plan.  While I hate that she has to go through this again, I certainly hope that there is something they can do to get my girl even more pink and more energetic.

This was the first time we’ve received news of need for treatment since Maggie has been big enough to comprehend what we were talking about.  The last time she had a cath, she was 3 years old.  So, Dr. Sharkey was great and talked to Maggie.  She explained it all to her and made sure she didn’t have any questions or concerns.  Mags is a trooper, and at this point is ok with this next step.  She’s excited with the possibility of not getting as short of breath on the playground.

So, it’s not ideal, but it’s not anything we haven’t faced already.  Our God is much bigger than this, and we will take one day at a time.