It’s a day I don’t let myself think about often.  It is a day, that as I looked back in the first few months that followed, seemed as if it were non existent… a lie.  If I’m being honest, when I looked at the pictures of the first 2 days of Maggie’s life, I used to be angry.  Almost as if a life was dangled in front of me and then snatched away.  April 021As I look back, 7 years later, I am still overwhelmed with emotion.  However, today it’s an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and blessing.

April 020

I was gifted 2 perfect days with my daughter.

Two days that were free of worry and fear.

Two days to hold her and not even know that the “what ifs” existed.

Two days… two carefree days.

April 012

April 010

In an instant our lives would be forever changed.  We would be thrust into the heart world.  It would involve pain, fear, loneliness, doubt, hurt, and worry.  None of this was a surprise to our God.  He knew this was coming, and while we didn’t know it, He had already equipped us for it.  He would reveal beautiful things through our Maggie Jane… joy, and triumph, and blessings.  Blessings too many to count.