That hour or sometimes two when we get home from school and the big kids are doing homework, I’m trying to cook dinner, and the little kids are doing their best to prevent both of the former things from happening. 

Call it what you want…  “valley of the shadow” or “witching hour” … whatever name you put on it, it’s ugly! 

It never fails.  I love seeing their smiling faces as they get in our van.  However, almost as soon as I pick them up, I begin dreading the time we walk in our door to the time we sit down at the dinner table. 

Trent and Maggie do not usually (except when they piddle around at school and bring home most of their work from the day) have a ton of homework.  However, there’s spelling words, Bible verse, required nightly reading, and then a worksheet here and there.  It adds up to at least 45 minutes of homework.  45 minutes of trying to keep the little kids semi quiet so that Maggie won’t be completely distracted, 45 minutes of reminding Trent what to do next because he’s out in la-la land, and 45 minutes of me trying to juggle all of the above while cooking dinner.  I don’t handle it well.  I’d love to skip this part of our day.  I’m sure I’m supposed to learn something from this, but I haven’t figured it out yet.  We’re trying to come up with a better routine, and I’m trying to prepare myself for this portion of time every day so that I’m not as frustrated and impatient. 

It’s a daily learning process… this thing we call Motherhood.  It’s messy and it’s often ugly, but I wouldn’t wish for a different job… ever!