All good things must come to an end… right???  I soooo wish this wasn’t true.  We’ve had an awesome summer.  When I say awesome, I also mean stressful, crazy, hectic, and full of adjustments.  However, through all of that, we had tons of fun and made a lot of new memories.  We checked almost everything off of our Summer Fun checklist, and even added a few things to it throughout the summer.  So, whether I’m ready or not, it’s time to send my 2 oldest back to school.

I will miss these two terribly throughout the day.  They’re my “big kids”.  Most of the time, they help keep me sane.  Trent is usually keeping me on my toes with crazy questions or “interesting” new facts.  Maggie is my helper, Evie’s best friend, and the closest thing I get to “adult” conversation for most of the day.  I’ll say it again, I’M GOING TO MISS THEM!!!

Backtoschool13_20061130_0035_8101st and 2nd are combined this year at CCS so they’ll be in the same class again.  I can’t wait to hear stories from them as they get in the van each day after school.  While Maggie and Evie have spent almost every waking minute of the summer playing together, Trent and Maggie have a pretty great relationship too.  They’re excited to be in the same class and share some of the same friends.

Backtoschool13_20061130_0027_812I have one that is super excited to go back tomorrow.  She is just like her Mama. Maggie can’t wait to open new books, use her new school supplies, get to know her new teacher, and catch up with her friends.

Backtoschool13_20130814_0082_8101st Grade!?!?!?  How in God’s green earth is that even possible!?  Her kindergarten teacher and I have told her many times that we aren’t letting her go on to 1st grade, but she won’t listen!  She’s much too eager to grow up.  While I’d love to hang on to each fleeting moment, I am so proud of my sweet girl and can’t wait to see all that she learns this year.


Backtoschool13_20061130_0011_810Go get ’em sweet girl!  Show them what you are made of, and love every minute of it!  I pray that your year will be even better than you’re hoping for, that you learn something new each day, and that you will learn to love your Savior more than you already do.  Shine for Him!

Trent is a different story.  If he woke up in the morning and I told him that school was canceled, he would do a happy dance.

Backtoschool13_20130814_0091_812My big guy starts 2nd grade tomorrow.   He is not looking forward to school starting.  Maybe his summer was too fun!  I think that once he gets there, he’ll enjoy it a little more than he thinks and more than he’ll let on too.  I sure hope so!

Backtoschool13_20130814_0086_810 Do your best in all that you do, sweet boy.  I certainly hope that 2nd grade is WAYYYY better than you’re expecting.  I pray that you are stretched and challenged and that you will shine His light every day.

I’m so very proud of both of my big kids and I hope it will be an amazing year for both of them.