I am blessed beyond all measure!


My Mom made the girls’s dresses and my top from my Grandma’s beautiful, hand embroidered pillow cases.  They are such a special keepsake to me, and I will treasure these photos  as well.

Mshaws13_20130607_0028sunlight80We had been waiting for beautiful weather to do the girls’ birthday photos, and Saturday was absolutely perfect.  I, also, took the chance to get some pics of the boys.


Maggie Jane, my wise beyond her years, 6 year old.  She has blossomed into such an amazing girl this past year.  I am always amazed at her sweet spirit and compassionate heart.  She continues to love every minute of every day.  This has been a hard year for her as she has said goodbye to her 2 dearest friends.  Her heart sister, Evie, moved to Thailand in January and I thought that would just about crush her.  However, while she misses her more than she could express, she loves when she gets to stay up a little late to Skype with her sweet friend.  Then, just last week, she said goodbye to her best buddy, Ezra.  Thankfully, he has only moved to Iowa and we will be seeing him soon.  She’s learned some big life lessons this year.  When Maggie and I were both sad last week about the Havemans moving, she said, “Mom, you know, everything happens for a reason. So, God must have a reason for them moving.”  You are so very right, Maggie Jane.  Oh, how I love your wise soul.


anyone notice the new sparkle? Maggie got her ears pierced last weekend. She is officially a big girl!


And then there’s my Evangeline Kait.  She’s 3 years old going on 16.  She’s spunky, sassy, and as sweet as they come.  She’s always keeping me on my toes with her dramatic and fun loving personality.  You NEVER know what little bit of 3 year old “wisdom” will come out of her at any moment.  She is the sunshine of our day.



Reid got to get in on the action too.  As always, it’s hard to catch him standing still, and he had to leave his mark with skinned up legs halfway through the shoot.



In our sunroom, are pictures of each of our kids WALKING on this path at about 2 years old.  So, it was definitely Reid’s turn, but in typical Reid fashion there was no walking.  I can’t wait to get this framed and on my wall!


Trent was not thrilled to be included in this shoot.  He had much more “important” things to be doing with his Saturday morning.


I love the uniqueness of each of my children, and I am so thankful that God has entrusted them with me for a short time.