The weather has finally warmed up here in MO.  I realize that there are still some chilly days to come, but that’s what sweaters and jackets are for.  I’m ready for sweet sundresses, white sandals, plaid shorts, and flip flops.  It’s been a real treat to pull out Trent’s clothes for Reid this year.  This is the size Trent was wearing when Maggie was a baby.  My husband thinks I am crazy but my children’s clothes bring back so many memories… good and bad.

The t-shirt Trent was wearing on our last outing as a family of 3… We all went to the Butterfly house and my little toddler was so enamored with the butterflies.  He couldn’t get enough of it.  We had no clue what was to come in just a few days.

The Butterfly House

Or what he wore on our first outing with Maggie…  I remember this day so vividly.  We were so desperate to get out of the house and do something as normal as possible. So, we headed to the zoo with our 6 1/2 pound baby who still had a bandage over her incision and a feeding tube in her nose.  I sat on a bench feeding her through her tube and people looking at us like we were a bit of a freak show.  I didn’t care.  We were out and about, and being as normal as possible.

The St. Louis Zoo

So, as I pull out the summer clothes for my kids, it’s a trip down memory lane.  They’re more than just clothes.  They’re memories of what seems a lifetime ago.