Reid is doing amazingly well.  As if learning to love 5 complete strangers wasn’t enough, he has battled chronic ear infections and multiple nasty viruses all winter long.  So, the week before his birthday, we had tubes placed in his ears and he is doing so much better!  He has still had a couple bugs but the painful infections are gone.  The result is a MUCH happier boy!

Here’s 10 fun facts about our little man:

1. He LOVES tractors!

2. He still LOVES to be outside and do all things boy:  playing ball, jumping on the trampoline, swinging, going on walks with Daddy, popping bubbles with his sisters.


3. He is talking up a storm.  I have counted at least 30 words that he uses regularly, and I’m sure I missed several.  This is such a tremendous blessing!

4. He is a snuggle bug.  I can’t tell you how many times a day that I hear “hold you?” from him.  He loves to make himself home in our arms with his sweet head resting on our shoulder.  Bedtime means even more snuggles as we sing him some songs and love on him before putting him in his bed.


5. Reid started sleeping in Trent’s room 2 months ago and it has gone so much better than I ever expected!  Such a big boy!

6. He still favors his Maggie but is becoming buddies with “Eeffee”.  He and Evie are only 11 months apart so until Friday, I have two 2 year olds!  Yikes!  Reid would do anything to be like his big brother.  When Trent comes home from school he usually grabs a book and reads on the couch.  I often look over and see Reid sitting at the other end of the couch “reading” his chapter book just like Trent.

7. He is one stubborn little man!  While this is exhausting right now, we know it will serve him well later in life.

8. He loves his Papa and Mammie so much and asks to go to their house daily!

9. He is an amazing sleeper, and for this we are extremely thankful!  He sleeps 11 hours straight at night and then takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  Thank you, Jesus!

10.  He is so very attached to his puppy.  We included this puppy in the first care package we sent to him in Korea.  I had hoped he would love it and that it would come home with him.  However, I didn’t know if we’d even see it again.  We have DEFINITELY seen it again.  He doesn’t let puppy stray too far away.