DSC_6887Today, was our day to make our special delivery to one of our most favorite places – The Heart Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Last year, we simply delivered the goodies from Crosspoint to the nurses station, visited for a little while, and then made our way home. So, we were not prepared for the treat that was in store for us today.


Look at all of the goodies that Crosspoint purchased for the kids in the Heart Center!  What a blessing!

One of our most favorite nurses was our escort for the morning, and we couldn’t have asked for a better treat today.  Charlotte is one of the faces behind some of Maggie’s most favorite memories – Camp Rhythm!




We made our way up to the floor and were greeted by lots of smiling nurses who barely recognize Maggie anymore.  It’s been quite a while since they’ve seen my big girl, and I’m quite ok with that!  One of our favorite docs came out to greet us and made Maggie’s day.



After our little visit, Charlotte took us room to room.  We had no expectation of getting to do this, but it couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate Heart Day with my girl.  Families eyes lit up when they saw my big, healthy girl all decked out in her finest for Valentine’s day.  Maggie gave them cookies, games, and toys to help pass the countless hours of recovery.  It was so surreal to walk those halls with my now, healthy girl who once pulled behind an iv pole and cried as she took each step.  My stomach turned a little as we made our way to the CICU to bless some families with a little valentine treat.  I spent way too many hours in one of those small rooms, and seeing it brought back so many memories… good and bad.

After making our rounds, we left all of the crafts and activities donated by Crosspoint’s 6th grade class for future patients to enjoy.

While Trent has never been a patient at SLCH, he has certainly spent countless hours there.  I promised him that we could visit his favorite spot when we were finished with our delivery.

DSC_6900Trent has spent more time than I can imagine in this very spot.  In fact, I’m certain that he’s responsible for the worn carpet you see in the picture.  Almost 6 years ago, when he could sit still in Maggie’s hospital room no longer, we would bring him down to his favorite place.  It was a much needed break for him and a welcome one for us.

April 065

august09 262 (2)

Trent still bounces up and down as he watches the balls make their way around the track.


And where a little wagon with a tired girl once was…

august09 290 (2)

A beautiful, strong, and healthy girl stands.



My heart overflows with the blessings of today.

Today was a day for hearts… very special hearts!