A Month for Hearts

February is not just another month for us. It’s a month for hearts… Maggie’s, Evie’s, Averi’s, Conway’s, Gavin’s, Katelyn’s, Grant’s, Olivia’s, Lydia’s, Hailey’s, Camden’s, Liam’s, Charlotte’s, Abbie Lynn’s… I could go on and on with this list. Our lives are touched every single day by the hearts that beat behind silver scars.
This month is also a celebration of the sweet lives that have been lost to congenital heart defects. My life is forever changed because of those very special hearts. Kaitlyn, Gus, Oakes, Annabelle, you are the bravest of these warriors.

We know the meaning of courage because of these hearts. So, this month we honor and celebrate these special hearts. Won’t you join me?