November 9, 2012 is one of the most memorable days of our lives.  It’s the day our 4th child was placed in our arms.  This whole process has been very much like a pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  The wait was excrutiating, the labor was painful, and the delivery was exhausting.  However, as hard as it was, it was all so very worth it.  We woke, ate breakfast, and killed a little bit of time before time to navigate the subway system for the first time.  To say I was nervous is a major understatement.  I was almost sick to my stomach.  We did rather well on the subway and only had to ask for help once.  While cutting it a little too close for comfort, we made it to Holt right on time.  We had been told what to expect from our time there and all was mostly accurate.  However, there was nothing to prepare me for the emotions that were to come.

We took the elevator upstairs and DJ, the social worker, smiled at us and told us “someone” was waiting for us.  We walked in and saw our fuzzy headed boy playing.  No matter what his Omma tried, he was not about to look at us or acknowledge our presence.  That was perfectly ok.  We expected nothing less.

We took things slow and did what any parent would do.  We used a new toy to get his attention.  Reid LOVED his Pororo toys.

Much of the next several minutes would be spent asking Reid’s Omma questions as we tried to learn as much about him as possible.  What is his bedtime routine?  What and when does he eat?  What comforts him?  Questions that are normally answered on a daily basis as a mama loves and nurtures her baby as he grows.  However, we had 19 months of growing to learn about.  Reid’s Omma is absolutely amazing!  She answered our questions and gave us as many details as possible.  DJ was there to interpret for us as Reid’s Omma only speaks Korean.  The love that Omma has for Reid is indescribable.  She has raised her Jun-Su for 19 months.  For 19 months, she has fed him, bathed him, kissed him, snuggled him, and loved him.  However, as soon as we walked in that room, she did everything she could to tell him that it was ok to love us.  That we were his new mommy and daddy.

Reid loves his puppy we sent him

While in that little room, we enjoyed just watching our little man be himself.  We learned so much about him as we sat back and observed.

#1 He L.O.V.E.S. to kick balls. That boy can drop kick anything and I mean anything. Including goldfish snacks.

#2 He loves to build. We did not yet know how many towers we would be building in the next few days.

#3 He loves to play ball! I think I’ve finally got my soccer player!

We also did not know how much he would love his Daddy very soon. He is now so excited when Appa walks through the door in the evening.

Reid’s Omma was so thoughtful and sent his favorite snacks, toys, and loveys. She also gave us presents for our 3 big kids and a photo album of Reid’s 1st 19 months. A pricelss treasure!

Reid’s Omma is holding him and DJ, the social worker, is standing next to Ryan

After we had asked all of our questions and the gifts were exchanged, we walked down to the pediatrician’s office to make sure Reid was healthy and ready for our flight home.

After his little check up, it was time to say our goodbyes.

The moment we pulled away, Reid began screaming and continued to do so until he fell asleep a few minutes before we arrived at our hotel.  He slept in my arms for about 30 minutes at the hotel and then woke and screamed some more.  We were able to eventually calm him and he had a wonderful rest of the day.

This day was one of the most joyful yet most difficult days of my life.  Getting in the cab while his Omma was watching from the curb was the 2nd hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  It broke my heart to take him away from her.  I am so glad that God blessed us with a sweet smile within hours of this moment.  It gave us a glimpse of the joy that would follow.