Day 1 started early at home. We woke at 4:30 to get ready to leave for the airport. We stood looking at our sons room and marveled that he would soon be playing there. After praying together, we left to get my dad and head to the airport. While waiting for our flight in St. Louis, we met a family who adopted their son from Russia 6 years ago. She gave me her name and # in case I ever need anything. It’s really strange to be part of another “club”. We had a quick flight to Chicago and then made it through security and boarded our flight to Seoul. We flew Korean Air which was DELUXE. We had 5 star service and were blessed with bulkhead seating! Extra leg room made the 13 hour flight much more tolerable. We flew north out of Chicago, out of Canada, over the Arctic Ocean, down through Russia, west of North Korea, and in to South Korea. After landing, we collected our baggage and then met our driver who took us to our hotel. After the 1+ hour drive, we were beyond thrilled to see Somerset.  We settled in for the night and crashed.

Ready for our long journey!

settling in for a long 13 hours