*I have been putting this blog post off for a while.  It’s next to impossible for me to put words to my feelings on this one.  So, while this might not be the post I was imagining, it’s time to get it done so the Korea posts can follow.

My dearest friend is not one who I get to see on a weekly basis.  She hasn’t known me the longest and she doesn’t know ALL of my deepest secrets.  However, she does know what makes me tick.  She shares my greatest fear, and she has lived some of my same nightmares.  Our hardest life moments are the same.  I treasure her and am beyond thankful that God brought her into my life.    She gets it and knows why I am who I am.  Our girls share a bond that is irreplaceable and unbreakable.  They, too, are kindred spirits.  So, when she told me in September that they truely were moving to Thailand, I felt like I was losing a true treasure.  I knew there was no way in this world that I could let them leave without saying goodbye.  So, a few weeks ago, we packed up the van and took a little road trip to SC.  Thankfully, my Mom was able to go with me and the kids which made the drive and visit much easier.

These 9 kiddos have adopted each other as cousins!

We had an unforgettable visit filled with MANY photo shoots, a pumpkin patch, girly makeovers, fishing, and LATE night heart to hearts.  I have honestly NEVER and I mean NEVER seen my 3 kids happier.  Maggie and her sweet friend, Evie, grew even closer and were almost inseparable.

Every night, Mandy and I tiptoed in to the girl’s room and found them like this each time.

Heart Sisters

My Evie had 5 girls for entertainment and she made a new buddy, Tristan.  Tristan is the sweetest kid I know.  More than once, he had his baby sis holding one hand and little Evie holding the other. They would just lead him around the house.

Abi and Evie

Trent was in hog heaven or maybe I should say fish heaven!  Our friends live on a lake and he and Tristan spent every free moment on the dock with fishing poles in hand.  He was one happy boy!

Mandy and I sat back and watched our 9 kids making priceless memories.  It, honestly, made it even harder to say goodbye.  Even admidst the tears, it truely was a fairy tale goodbye.

2 bonded by hearts and 2 bonded by names

There have been days in our 5+ years with Maggie where it has been almost impossible to see the good that would come from her broken heart. However, this friendship is one of the tremendous blessings God has given us along this journey He has chosen for us. Thanks be to God!

The lives these two have lived make their bond even stronger and they both live life to the fullest. I love the friendship that they share and I can’t wait to watch it grow.  If absence truely does makes the heart grow fonder then they will be quite the pair when they see each other again.