Hold on little man, we are coming!  We found out on friday afternoon that everything is ready in Korea for us to go get our little guy.  In the midst of a major pity party on friday afternoon, our phone rang.  I, reluctantly, looked at the caller ID and couldn’t believe my eyes… HOLT INTERNATIONAL!!!  Ryan was actually at home taking care of some things, and got to be there for the call as well.  My stomach was in knots, my hands and voice were shaking, and my eyes were filled with tears and I had to answer that phone!  “Hi, Faith.  This is Lisa with Holt.  I have good news for you today!”  Those are some of the best words I have ever heard.  The rest of the afternoon was spent making phone calls, sending texts, and booking our flights.

We will be leaving on Tuesday, November 6 in the morning and we return Monday, November 12 at 12:55 p.m to the St. Louis airport.  We would love for our friends and family to greet us at the airport.

Thank you all for sharing in our joy and thank you so much for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for safe travel for us as we make our first big international trip.  Also, please pray for Reid’s foster family as they spend their last week with our sweet boy.  We can’t imagine the heartache they must feel.

We were also blessed on Friday to receive a new picture of our little guy.  We are pretty certain that we are bringing home a live wire and that Evie Kait has certainly met her match.   I couldn’t be more in love with this crazy little man.