Reid had his visa physical last week.  This is required before the U.S. will issue him a visa.  We hadn’t heard anything until today when I received an email from our agency.  We have to sign and get notarized a letter stating that we are aware of our son’s special need.  The special need listed is his small birthmark under his lip.  Seriously!!!!  This birthmark has been noted on every single pediatrican report we have received and it is visible in every single picture.  I realize that this is a very small thing, but to this mom of a child with true special needs, it ticks me off.  A birthmark is NOT a special need.  It does not require any extra care or attention.  It simply makes him who he is.

So, we will get the letter notarized this afternoon and express mail it to our agency.  They will, then, mail it to Korea.  They can’t move on with anything else until they receive this letter.  Please pray for no delay in mailing and processing of this letter.  We are so anxious to get our baby boy home!