Fall cannot come soon enough!  With Labor Day, comes the end of summer.  We had a wonderully, full summer and I am ready for crisp fall days.  With fall comes, cool mornings, cozy sweaters, bon-fires, and pumpkins.  I love fall every year, but this year I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival because, hopefully this fall, also comes with the homecoming of our sweet boy!  Every day is filled with more anxiousness as we wait for our travel call.  I’m having more and more dreams about the day we meet him and his foster mom.  Last night I tried to make myself fall back asleep so I could get one more glimpse.  We still don’t have a clue when he’s coming.  It could be September or it could be November.  We will probably be notified when he has his Visa Interview at the U.S. embassy.  Then, the travel call should come shortly after that.  We have everything ready and we are putting the finishing touches on one last care package.  The kids can’t wait either.  There is constant talk of “when Reid comes home” and “I can’t wait until my brother comes”.  We want to hug him, learn his smell, and hear his giggle.  So, for us Fall will be a season of new beginnings, this year and we can’t wait!