7 things I love about my boy

1. His loving spirit:  Trent makes everyone he knows feel like a super star.  When our friends or family walk in to our house, he always greets them with immense excitement… as if he hasn’t seen them in weeks.

2.  His love for learning:  Trent has not yet learned to appreciate chapter books, but give him a factual book on any topic and he is one happy boy!  Fish, trucks, sports, insects, animals, machines…. he’ll learn all about it and given the chance, will tell you all about it as well.

3. His loyalty to his family:  Trent Ryan loves his family more than almost anything.  His cousins are his best friends and he would choose a day with his Papa over just about anything else.

4. His self-confidence:  Trent does not care what anyone thinks about him.  Some days this works against him because if he’s not self-driven to do something, there’s not much that will convince him to do it.  However, I love that he is not motivated by other people’s opinions.  I pray He will learn to be motivated by God’s love and will for his life.

5. His love for all things “boy”:  video games, baseball, monster trucks, race cars, and fishing.  If it’s for boys, he loves it!

6. His sense of humor:  Trent loves learning and making up new jokes to tell.  Sometimes they’re funny and sometimes they’re just “Trent”.  We often look over at him and he’s got an ornery glimmer in his eyes and we know something’s coming… we just aren’t sure what.

7. His desire to do what’s right:  Trent is very black and white.  Something is either right or it’s wrong, and if he knows it’s wrong, you can bet he won’t be doing it.  As His relationship with the Lord grows, I know that he will stand fast to his convictions.

Big guy, we can’t believe you are 7 years old!  What a joy you are to have in our family.  We are so proud of the young man you are becoming.  We pray that you will continue to love Jesus Christ more and more as you grow in your knowledge of Him.

Happy 7th Birthday, sweet boy!