Day 3 came with the blessing of cooler temps!  Thank you, God!

Highlights of Day 3:

1. Bird Feeder

2. Water Games

3. Carnival Games

4. Eating Dessert First!

5. Sno-Cone truck!

Can you tell she had fun?

Maggie Jane and Becca (Child Life Specialist)

Becca meant the world to us during Maggie’s Fontan.  She did her best to make the tramatic procedures a little less awful.

A few more snuggles from Dr. Sharkey before we said goodbye

Saying goodbye to Averi Rose!

I literally can’t explain to you what this week meant to us.  It was a week of joy, pure joy!  She didn’t care that it was 105 degrees or that she was tired.  She loved that for once in her life, she was just like everyone else.  On the way to camp, Maggie said, “Mom, do you know all of the kids have scars just like me?”.  She then went on to tell me how awesome it was that everyone in the swimming pool had scars and that they all understood what it really meant to be a heart kid.  This is why Camp Rhythm exists!  It is a place where they can truely celebrate all that they have overcome and live life with friends who actually get it.  They don’t have to explain anything to anyone because everyone already knows.

Maggie spent the week with some of the most amazing people I have ever known.  Doctors, nurses, social workers, child life specialists, parents of heart angels, all gave of themselves to make this week unforgettable for so many special kids.  I am grateful to each and every one of them for their love and sacrifice this week!  You are all amazing!  Thank you for making this week possible for my Maggie Jane.

Until next year, Camp Rhythm!