We split up our last full day between The Village and Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure.

We spend our morning trying to experience as much of Give Kids the World as we could.  All week long, the kids had been making a mental list of everything they wanted to do.  Finally, they were able to check some things off.

While Trent spent his morning catching an 18″ snapping turtle and playing mini golf, the girls enjoyed the Candy Land Playground and some time in the spa getting tattoos and pedicures.


and some time at the beautiful pool!

The kids had said they wanted to go to the Sea World Water Park and that was our original plan.  However, numerous people at the Village kept telling us to go to Universal because of the individual attention the wish kids get.  So, much to Trent and Maggie’s disappointment we made the executive decision to go to Universal.

While Seussland was cool, it was a little young for our adventurous kiddos.  So, we headed out to explore the rest of the park. Honestly, Ryan and I were a little disappointed in our decision.  The rest of the park seemed to be too old for our kids and while we found some fun water rides for them to ride over and over, we were beginning to think we should have just gone to the water park.  At least, then, we would have been in our swimsuits instead of our disgusting wet clothes.  After we were soaked to the bone, we decided we would head home.

On our way out of the park, we were asked to step on to the sidewalk because “the motorcade” was coming through.  We had no idea what was about to transpire.  Maggie was about to have an unbelievable adventure.

We stepped on to the sidewalk and watched as several super heroes pulled up on their motorcycles.  Pretty cool! Maggie decided she wanted to get some autographs so we waited around.  However, as the supers pulled up, Rogue spotted Maggie out of the crowd and came right over for some one on one time.

Maggie was pretty excited and definitely wanted to go get some autographs now.  So, we headed over to see Spiderman where we were greeted by one of the Universal workers.  She asked if we had seen the other superheroes and we said, “no”.  She then led us down the alley to wait for the siren to sound and the motorcade to pull up JUST FOR MAGGIE!  NO WAY!  We couldn’t believe it.

The kids were totally impressed with Wolverine!

Maggie and Rogue were chatting it up here.

Rogue and Storm introduced Maggie to the rest of the Superheroes. Tears came to my eyes as Rogue said, “This is Maggie, she’s one of us.” You better believe it! She’s my hero!

This picture cracks me up! Ryan was trying to act all cool, but he totally loved every minute of this. Check out his face as Captain America reaches out to shake his hand.

Girl Power!

 This was an unforgettable day!  The Superheroes made it so special for Maggie.  She enjoyed meeting them more than the princesses and that’s saying a lot! She came home wanting to know all about them.