It has been almost 5 months since we received a picture of Reid Matthias.  We receive monthly updates on his health and development, and treasure getting a glimpse into his little life.  As much as I treasure these updates, I have been so anxious for a new picture.  I kept imagining how different he must look as he has gone from baby to toddler so it was such a pleasant surprise today to receive new pictures in my inbox.

I wish that I could share the rest of this picture with you.  However, due to privacy, I had to crop Reid’s foster mother out of this picture.  Let me tell you, that it was almost as sweet to see a picture of her as it was him.  This is the woman raising our son.  She loves him as her own, and he knows no other mama.  She spoils him rotten!  He is more attached to her than my children have ever been to me.  He sleeps with her and prefers her over anyone else.  His foster parents are in their mid to late 50’s, and he has two foster brothers in their early 30’s.  While I know it will be tremendously difficult for him to leave them next year, I am so thankful that he is loved and cared for by this very special family.  We pray for them often, asking God to give them what they need to care for Reid and to prepare their hearts to say goodbye to him in a few months.  We thank you for your prayers over the last year, and covet many more in the months to come.

  • Please pray for Reid’s foster family as they care for him knowing that they will eventually say goodbye to him.
  • Please pray for Reid to remain healthy and that he will adjust to his forever family very smoothly.
  • Pray that Korea will continue to look favorably on U.S. adoptions, and that the process will speed up even more.
  • Pray that God will grant us peace as we wait for our son to come home in His timing.
  • Most of all, pray that through it all, God will be glorified.