This trip was not just another family vacation to Disney World.  It was life changing.  Why?  Because of where we stayed.  I will share more about Give Kids the World in another post.  However, this picture shows the essence of why Give Kids the World exists.  It exists because this cannot happen anywhere else.

As my daughter was visiting with Mary Poppins, I looked over and saw Goofy scoop this sweet little boy up out of his handicap stroller, sit down on the ground with his big goofy legs straight out in front of him, and snuggle this little one.  Goofy rocked him, nuzzled him with his big black nose, and laughed with him.  When the little boy was getting restless, Goofy stood up and walked around with him still in his arms.  For a moment, the world stopped for one little, helpless boy.  This, my friends, is why Henri Landwirth founded Give Kids the World.   This little boy and his Mom experienced something they never thought possible because of the most wonderful place on earth:  Give Kids the World Village.