Day 4 was mostly for Trent.  Trent has loved fish since he was about 2 1/2 years old.  It is a fascination that has not diminished.  I hope his love of fish lasts his lifetime.  It just seems to be part of who he is.  He can tell you about almost any fish you can think of and then some that you can’t.  A sweet man at our church, found an old “fish encyclopedia” at the library that they were getting rid of.  Nothing could have made him happier.  So, we knew that it was a must to take him back to Sea World while we were in Orlando.  Thankfully, complimentary tickets to Sea World were also included from Give Kids the World.  What a blessing!

From the moment he saw this sign, he was all smiles!

So much of Disney World was a little too much for my sometimes timid, Evie Kait.  However, she LOVED Sea World.

We saw some of God’s most amazing creations.  Tropical fish, sharks, rays, starfish, sea dragons, dolphins, and of course, Shamu!

The dolphin show was amazing!  Dolphins have been one of my favorite animals for as long as I can remember so I was just as excited about the show as the kids.

Evie even let herself enjoy some of the kiddie rides even though “she no want to like it”.  (That’s what she said about anything new)

I have no idea what she was pouting about but I couldn’t help but put this in here.

Sneaking in a nap while we rode Atlantis

 As I’ve mentioned before, the Give Kids the World button got us lots of amazing experiences and it continued to do so at Sea World, including front row seats at the Shamu show!

Thankfully, we had ponchos for the kids

It was absolutely amazing seeing these magnificent creatures from the front row!  It was unforgettable!

They weren’t kidding when they said, “splash zone”.  We were soaked!!!

Oh, how I love these 3!

My 2 Silly Girls

This beauty is one of the baby dolphins still in the nursery and he/she was gorgeous!

Maggie and Trent absolutely loved feeding the dolphins.

 and petting Lilly!

I won’t be surprised if we spend a lot more time here some day.  Trent has added Sea World to his “what I want to be” list.  That’s ok by me!