Maggie’s Make a Wish was most certainly a dream come true.  Each day was filled with so many surprises and adventures, I most certainly do not want to forget a single detail. When we started planning this trip, Ryan and I decided quickly that it would be very nice to have a couple of extra sets of hands.  So, my parents came along with us, and we were so glad to have them.  They were so helpful with anything we needed, and it was so nice to have a professional photographer there to capture every moment.  Our trip would not have been the same without them!Maggie was the last one to wake up on the morning of her Wish Day.  She came out of her room with a huge grin on her face and the smiles didn’t stop until it was time to come home.

The limo wouldn’t come all of the way to our house so we met it in Eureka.

When the limo pulled up, the kids didn’t have a clue it was for us!  What a fun surprise.  The driver stepped out and said he was there to pick up Maggie Mahoney.  She thought she had to ride by herself so she was not so sure about it.

Once we told her that she was not riding alone, she was super excited!  We had a fun ride to the airport and made it through security and got settled at our gate.  Trent got to watch some F-18’s do some practice flights so he was one happy boy!

The kids were all wonderful on the plane.  Maggie was a trooper with her oxygen, and enjoyed a little bit of extra attention.  Evie sat with Mammie and took a nice little nap once the excitement of her first plane ride wore off.  Trent was a happy camper sitting with his Papa and loved trying to figure out what he was seeing out the plane window.

The moment we stepped off our plane, Give Kids the World made Maggie feel like a princess.  I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful Give Kids the World is.

The Greeter Waiting for Us at the Airport

Our greeter escorted us to our rental van and then we were on our way to the Village.

Maggie’s first surprise from GKTW. This little guy would be very important later in the week.

A volunteer showed us around the Village and took us to our Villa.

That’s right! We slept in a castle!

There was a gift for Trent, Maggie, and Evie waiting for us in the Villa. Every day, the kids came back to a new gift from GKTW! So Spoiled!

After we got settled in our villa, the kids played a little on the Candy Land playground and then we headed to the Gingerbread House for dinner.  The first night was a Winter Wonderland theme.  We had a Christmas dinner, sang Christmas Carols and visited with Santa Clause.  So fun!

Singing Jingle Bells with a Highschool Choir that came to the Village for the kiddos

We did our best to end each night with ice cream from the Ice Cream Palace.  The word “no” was not used much this week!

Maggie went to bed with a full heart and no idea of what was to come!