We received Reid’s legal documents today!  His legals state:

1.  Parental rights were given to Holt Korea (kind of the sister agency in Korea to our agency).

2.  Reid received his own family register thus severing all ties with parents and establishing him as an independent.

3.  Guardianship was transferred from Holt Korea to Holt International (our agency here in the U.S.)

4. His parents relinguished their rights and gave their consent for him to be adopted.

So, in a nutshell, everything is in order for Reid to be legally adopted.  This does not mean that we are close to bringing him home.  We’re just one step closer, but there are many steps left.

I have very mixed emotions about this.  I am thrilled because this makes things much more official than just having a picture of him, it is one more step to him becoming our son, and I can now start working on some more paperwork (yes, I’m happy about this.  I like when I feel like I’m doing something to bring him home).

However, with this paperwork came emotions that I did not expect.  Before Reid can become my son, he had to become an orphan.  An orphan!  Someday, he will go through hurt and pain because of this.  Someday, he will have very difficult questions for us.  I also hurt for his birth mother.  She made the most difficult, self-less decision of her life.  I can only imagine what she feels when she wonders where he is and what he is doing.  I pray that God grants her peace and comfort and that somehow she will know she has done what was the very best for her beautiful son.

I also know that my God works all things together for good.  I know that we are following His plan and He will bless that.  We will most certainly have highs and lows on this journey but He is guiding and will continue to guide us as long as we are following Him.  I am so thankful that God gives us the ultimate example of adoption as He adopts us as His sons and daughters.