Happy 2nd Birthday, Evangeline Kait!

You are one of the most fun toddlers I have ever known.  You bring so much joy in to our lives with your sweet, bubbly spirit.

You may be my little peanut, but there’s nothing small about your personality.  You do everything BIG!

Your little legs never stop, and you are always in to something new…                always keeping me on my toes.

You do your best to be as big as your brother and sister:  climbing the bunk beds, standing on the counter stools, riding bikes, and balancing on your highchair.  I’m certain you will be our first ER visit.  I’m never sure what precarious position I will find you in next.Oh, my sweet girl, you are such a little rascal… always keeping us in stitches. 

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  I love you to pieces.  You are my sunshine, and I treasure every minute with you.  I can’t wait to see what this year holds for you.  I hope and pray you get to become a big sister before your next birthday.  What a good big sister you will be!