Happy Birthday, sweet girl.  You are most certainly Fabulously 5!

You enjoy every minute of every day!  Your love of life reminds me to slow down and enjoy each blessing God has given us.

You have the best sense of humor, and are always filling our lives with your sweet giggles.

You love to dance, but it’s definitely to your own rhythm.

You may have been born with 1/2 a heart, but there’s nothing missing.  You are filled with more life and spunk than any girl I know.  As you walked in the door from your first baseball practice, you told me, “I didn’t get tired, Mama.  I got hot, but not tired!”

You are my real-life thinker.  Always asking me the tough questions about life, and I absolutely treasure how observant you are.

You are beautiful, inside and out.  I love your sweet, half-moon eyes that are a window to your wise-beyond-your-years soul.

Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful, Maggie Jane. You have so much to look forward to this coming year: a granted wish, heart camp, summer adventures,  Kindergarten, and the welcoming home of a new brother.  I pray that as you grow older this next year that you will grow more in to the likeness of our Savior and Lord.  May you love Him more and more each day.

(This gorgeous dress is the one and only Dayspring Dresses)