Happy Birthday, Reid!  Sweet little boy, I can’t think of anwhere else I’d rather be than right there with you as you celebrate this very special day.  My heart has never ached to be somewhere else more than it does today.

As I think about you today, I wonder what you are doing.  Are you having just a normal day with your foster family or are you doing something special?  Will you have a party?  I so wish I could see your sweet smile and give you a birthday morning kiss.

Today, Maggie and Evie will help me get ready for your birthday party.  Our best friends are coming over tonight to celebrate with us.  We have some Korean food and a special birthday cake just for you.  Trent and Maggie can’t wait to try the Korean food, and sing happy birthday to you.  We wish you could be here with us tonight, but we know that God has something else in mind.  He has a perfect plan for every minute of your life, and you will come home at just the right time.  Mama is REALLY hoping it’s in time to celebrate your 2nd birthday with us, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Happy 1st Birthday, Reid Matthias.  We love you with all of our hearts.

(Reid’s birthday is March 23rd.  Korea is 14 hours ahead of us.)