We’ve been waiting for an update from our adoption agency for a couple of weeks.  One came today, but it was not what I was hoping to hear.  Let me take a minute to explain how things work in the Korean adoption program.

The Korean government issues a certain number of Emigration Permit Submissions each year.  Every child leaving Korea must have a EP before their adoptive parents may bring them home.  Korea only issues a certain # of EP Submissions each year and, in theory, they are reducing the number of EP Submissions each year with the hope of increasing the number of Korean domestic adoptions.  Each adoption agency receives a EP Submission quota each year and once they have used up their quota they have to wait until the next year to send any more children home.  We don’t know why, but Korea has not issued any EP’s for 2012 yet.  We hope that they will issue some at the beginning of March.

I hope that at least made a little bit of sense to you.

Where are we in the process?  We are waiting… We know who our sweet boy is and we love him with our whole hearts.  We are waiting for his legal paperwork to come back from Korea so that we can apply for his immigration papers from the U.S.

Once we receive that, we wait some more.

There are A LOT of familes who are further along in the process than we are.  We received our referral in December 2011.  The last families who traveled to bring their children home, received their referrals in February 2011.  Once all of the families before us travel to bring their children home, we will receive a call that it is our turn to bring our son home.  We expect this to probably be 1 year from now, but that is just an estimate.  So, we wait!

Are we frustrated?  YES!  Do we wish that the process worked differently?  YES!  Do we wish that S. Korea would issue enough EP submissions this instant?  YES!  Do we want our baby boy home?  YES!  Does our heart ache when we know that Reid will celebrate his 1st birthday across the world from us?  YES!

Does it do any good to worry or complain about any of these things?  No, this is 100% out of our control.  We want to change it, but we can’t.

However, I know Someone who can.  He is sovereign and almighty.  He is the One, True God.  He knows Reid better than anyone.  He created Him for a purpose.  He knows the number of hairs on his head.  He knows his laugh and his smile.  He knows his favorite food and his favorite lullaby.  He knows the date and time that he will come home to us, and that moment is ordained by Him.

Please join us on your knees as we pray for:

  • Korea to move swiftly and grant sufficient EP submissions in a very timely manner
  • Peace and Patience for us as we wait for Reid to come home to us
  • Us to trust God with every aspect of Reid’s adoption in to our family
  • Health and Protection for Reid Matthias
  • Reid’s foster family as they love and care for him knowing that they will have to part with him after loving him for so long
  • God to be glorified through all of this

Thank you for joining us on this journey.  We appreciate your love, support, and encouragement.