The head teacher at the school my children attend (the same school Ryan and I graduated from), came to me a couple of weeks ago and wanted to know what the students could do for the heart patients at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  As I read her message, my eyes filled with tears.  It meant so much to me to have so much love and support from Crosspoint.  Mrs. Nantz and some of the 6th grade girls went shopping for crafts, stickers, activities, toys, and games for the heart patients to enjoy while in the hospital.  They filled a huge tub with all of the goodies and sent us on our way.

Maggie was so excited to make this special delivery and see her hospital.  She still loves it, and I’m so glad she does.

heart cookies for the nurses!

 We even got to see one of Maggie’s favorite silly doctors, Josh Murphy.  Josh did her last two cardiac catheterizations and always knew just what to do to calm Maggie’s nerves and ours.

Maggie loved going upstairs to make our special delivery, and the nurses seemed to think that the box was filled with the perfect items to keep the patients busy.


Asking Dr. Balzer some very important questions about his shoes!

After making our delivery, we got to do a few fun things that brought back lots of memories:  Wagon rides, pictures by the wishing hearts, and a walk by the CICU entrance.

Very Excited for her 1st wagon ride as a healthy girl! She's always been propped up with pillows and followed by oxygen.

This tree adorns the entrance of the CICU and was made by Mighty Oakes sweet family. It's alright with me if we don't ever get any closer than this to the CICU.

We couldn’t have had a happier Heart Day if we had tried.  I can’t think of a better way to spend Heart Day.  Thanks to our amazing school, we were able to be a blessing to so many who have blessed us.  What a joy!

Me and my Warrior Princess

Happy Heart Day!