“Scars are tattoos with better stories” 








As Maggie was getting dressed for school yesterday, she tells me of the first two scar questions she’s received this year from her school friends.  She told me that one of her girl friends asked her what her scar was in the bathroom.  When I asked her what she said, “I just told her what it  was.  It’s my scar.”  Then, a little boy asked her what it was when he was sitting by her in the classroom.  “I told him it was my scar but he didn’t believe me.  He said it was just from the button on my shirt.”  “Hmmm,” I said.  “He doesn’t know it goes all the way down, Mom,” she said with a smile and an eye roll.

I believe that these are the first scar questions that she has received without me or another family member around.  I’m so proud that she knew what to say.  Oh, how I love my girl and the confidence that she has.  If you wonder why we talk about it so freely with her and around our friends, this is why.  She is not ashamed!  It’s her scar and she’s proud of it.  It tells her story, and her story is one of the best and we don’t plan on ever forgetting it!