It hasn’t even been a month since we learned of our baby boy.  Reid Matthias is already so much a part of us… we look at his picture every day, pray for him, and catch ourselves wondering what he’s up to.  We don’t know exactly when he will come home… we just know that it will be 8-12 months before we get to bring him home, and we also know that it will be in God’s perfect timing.  Right now, we are waiting quite patiently, but I’m sure that the waiting will become much more painful as time passes.  We are learning what it is like to have part of our heart across the world.

Today we received a sweet surprise in our email inbox.  We weren’t expecting an update for quite a while, but we received his most recent medical update and a new picture!  For awhile, I thought it was the case that we weren’t able to share pictures of our little guy online.  However, I clarified with one of our case workers and she gave us the OK.  So, without further ado, I introduce to you…

Reid Matthias

this was the first picture we received of our little guy

updated picture we received today

Our little guy is right on track developmentally.  In fact, he’s already taking steps at not quite 10 months old!  That’s way faster than his brother and sisters for sure!  We are all in love with our little guy.  The girls are quite enamored with him.  Evie asks to give him kisses and Maggie is faithful to pray for him.  Thank you for your prayers for Reid Matthias (gift of God) and for us as we are waiting…