After learning about our sweet baby boy on wednesday, it was so hard to wait for Christmas day!  It seemed like time was standing still.  I could not wait to surprise our family and friends with the news of our son.  Most of all, I couldn’t wait to suprise the kiddos with the best Christmas gift: a baby brother!  There were two very special presents under our tree.  After the kiddos were finished opening most of their gifts, we called my parents and had them come over for those two very special presents.

To: Trent, Maggie, and Evie From: Jesus

 Their smiles were priceless and they were so excited to hear about their baby brother, Reid Matthias (gift of God).

Evie's first glimpse of baby Reid

kisses for brother

Maggie was about the cutest thing ever at church Christmas morning.  When our pastor asked if she had an announcement to make, she walked straight up to the front of our little church, spoke right in to the microphone, and said “I have a baby brother!”  Our church family, rejoiced with us, and once church was over, she proudly showed the picture of her brother to anyone who would look.  She has assumed her role of proud big sis quite nicely.

I can’t wait until we can kiss and hug our baby for the first time, learn his smell, and see his sweet face.  What a blessing that will be.