Those words make me teary eyed. My sweet, Evangeline Kait is most certainly doing those things. I’ve let her hold on to her night time bottle a little longer than T and M ever did. Why? Because she’s my baby. I would like to hold on to her “babyness” a little longer, but she’s definitely got something to say about that. Two weeks ago, she had a cold and couldn’t breathe to drink her bottle so we gave her a sippy for bedtime, and… She did just fine! No whining and no complaints. So, we just left well enough alone and packed up her ba-ba’s. She didn’t even notice… sniff, sniff! … Growing Up!

This week, I got the great idea of moving her out of her safe, little nook in our master bedroom (it was designed specifically for that purpose) and turning the nook in to my crafting and sewing area. So, Maggie’s room is making the big transition in to Maggie AND Evie’s room. Maggie’s room was definitely Maggie’s room. Her name was on the wall in big vinyl letters. So, I’ve been doing some painting and tonight it will become Evie and Maggie’s room. I’m excited about this move, but it makes me sad too. I love having my baby right there with me (I NEVER thought I would ever say that, btw). It has worked so beautifully and I’m sad to see her go…. sniff, sniff! …. Moving Out!

However, I can’t wait to see how this changes my girl’s relationship. I pray often that God will give them a lifetime bond, and that they will be so much more than sisters. I pray that they will be best friends, each other’s biggest cheer leaders, kindred spirits. I want this so badly for them.

Oh, and I’m pretty excited about having my own crafting space! Excited enough that I couldn’t stop dreaming about it last night. Ha!