Last wednesday was Community Helper day in Trent and Maggie’s class.  Their choices were absolutely NO surprise to me.  Trent’s was an aquarium worker.  What can I say, the boy LOVES fish.  He has loved them since he was 18 months old and obsessed with Finding Nemo.  It would not surprise me if he really does end up working with marine life in some way.

Maggie didn’t even have to think about her favorite community helper…. Dr. Gandhi!!!!  So, we dressed her up like a CT surgeon.  She even had a surgeon hat that my friend (OR nurse at SLCH) made for her to wear into her fontan surgery.  Oh, and that’s her Papa Doc’s old dr. coat.  It even says, Dr. Mahoney.  Pretty cool!

Evie was feeling left out that morning when I was taking pictures of big brother and sister so she got her picture taken too.

What community helper is she?  She’s mommy’s helper all day long!