She started worrying about this appointment about a week ago.  She didn’t want to get any shots… I assured her there wouldn’t be any.  She didn’t want to have all of those “stickers” put on her belly… I told her she would be brave.  She cried… I tried not to.  The morning of her appointment, she couldn’t even decide what she wanted for breakfast… “What’s wrong, baby?”, I asked.  “I’m worried, Mom.”  she said with sad little eyes.  All the way to the “new hospital” she wondered why she couldn’t go to “Children’s Hospital”.  “Because Mommy and Daddy want Dr. Sharkey to be your dr. and we believe this is what is best for you,” we said.  “But I don’t want to go to a new hospital.”  We talked about her heart friends who go to the new hospital and that they like it, and then we changed the subject… And I prayed that all would be well and that she would love her “new hospital”.

We walked in.  There were new smells, new sights, and NO old memories.  It was kind of nice.  There was nothing that triggered the awful memories and fears of the last 4 years.

We walked by the new gift shop at the new hospital and her eyes lit up.  “Mom, maybe we can go in there when I’m done.”  she said with a bit of a smile.  “Maggie Jane, if you are brave for your echo and stickers, you can most certainly go in there when you are done.”  I said, thankful to be able to make new memories in the new hospital.

The new heart center was wonderful.  The staff was so welcoming and accomadating.  They treated my girl like a princess and she ATE IT UP!  She got every bit of attention that she deserved and a bit more.

playing with her new trinkets... she even got her first slap bracelet!

After the nurse had ooed and ahhed over her, it was time for Maggie’s EKG… i.e. the stickers.

So brave!

She laid so still and didn’t even flinch when they took the stickers off.  “Mom, the stickers at this hospital don’t even hurt.  They must have special ones”, she said.  “Thank you, God!”  I said.

waiting with Daddy

On the way down the hall for her echo, she saw Dr. Sharkey and gave her THE BIGGEST Maggie Jane hug.  If I had any bit of doubt that we had made the right decision, it was all gone at this point.  I knew we were right where we were supposed to be.  She laid perfectly still for her echo and got to watch some Dora too!

all smiles!

Dr. Sharkey said her echo looked great.  She doesn’t have to take her enalapril (blood pressure med) anymore and we go back in a year.  Oh yeah, and Dr. Sharkey said it was time for Maggie’s baby monitor to come out of her room.  Actually, she said “that’s an order.”  We’ll see about that one.

We walked out of the new heart center and to the new gift shop.  Maggie picked out a super cute stuffed hedgehog, and we walked out of the new hospital for another year.  Thank you God for the new.