No, that’s not Obama’s new campaign slogan.  That’s what’s going on in the Mahoney house.

There have been A LOT of staffing changes at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  Maggie’s surgeon left 1 1/2 years ago, her cardiologist left last fall, the manager and director of the CICU both left this summer, and now, the other CT surgeon who has been at SLCH for 11 years is leaving.  SLCH has hired one new surgeon who we do not trust and have some very great concerns with, and we have no idea who they will find to replace Dr. H who has created the best lung transplant program in the world!  Dr. H. does not have the same bedside manner as Maggie’s beloved Dr. Gandhi, however, he is VERY skilled and one of the best.

So, with all of these changes going on at the hospital we have trusted with Maggie’s medical care for the last 4 1/2 years, we are changing hospitals.  You see, Maggie’s amazing cardiologist, Dr. Sharkey and Dr. H. are both going to be at Cardinal Glennon (St. Louis’ other children’s hospital).  We are thrilled to be putting Maggie back in the care of Dr. Sharkey, and while we don’t plan on needing Dr. H’s expertise and skill, we know that he is at Cardinal Glennon if we need him down the road.

These are huge changes for us.  We have trusted the care at SLCH for all of Maggie’s medical needs and it is our medical home.  However, God has brought us to a new place in our journey and it is time to make a change.  We are trusting that this is what is best for Maggie Jane, and look forward to what this change will bring.