This summer, I have had the privelege of attending two different Christian concerts.  Earlier this summer, Hillsong United was coming to town and I really wanted to see them.  I had heard that they were pretty amazing, but the tickets weren’t cheap.  We had just gone on our cruise and had gone out for my birthday.  So, it wasn’t exactly in our budget so I didn’t get tickets.  However, the youth at our church needed someone to drive them to the concert so they paid for my ticket!  Pretty sweet deal.

Let me just tell you that Hillsong United was worth WAY more than the price of the tickets.  It was not a concert.  It was the most amazing time of praise and worship through song and scripture.  I have never been somewhere before in my life where I felt the name of God lifted so high.  It was unbelievable.  They were AMAZING musicians using their gifts to praise our Creator and Redeemer.  It was life changing.  However, there was something someone missing.  Ryan wasn’t there.  It just wasn’t quite right.

Tonight, we went to the David Crowder Band concert.  It was amateur compared to the Hillsong United concert.  However, it was still a wonderful time of praise and worship, and I loved having Ryan right next to me.  There is something absolutely amazing about praising my God with the man who I am one with.  There’s nothing like it.  I don’t know how to describe it, and I don’t know if I sound like a crazy freak, but it’s what I’m thinking tonight and I thought I would share.